What You May (Or May Not) Want To Wear
Posted by on 1/25/13 IN Shopping

I’m a girl who prefers to go without a bra—or to wear silky, pretty, no-bra bras that have zero linings or support of any kind. My first clue that I may be missing out was when I tried the Timpa bra, which is barely there, but also lifts, and still shows nipple.

Then I went to get measured my show  Sexy. Not Sexy.  I thought it would be a funny, old-school experience, that could be kind of pseudo-sexy, but I suspected that the bras were going to be too 1950s for me. Here’s what happened. . .

I love bras.  I’ve been studying them for  the past month, and I now have a foundation garment wish list.

Stay-tuned for posts and videos on . . .

The elegant leather bra.

The original no-bra bra. Rudi Gernreich was the inventor of the no-bra bra in the 1960s. He also invented the thong, the monokini, as well as the pubikini – a bikini with a window in front to reveal the pubic hair. I found his no-bra bra on Etsy last week, and snapped it up.

And more lingerie curiousities!!




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