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Posted by on 11/11/12

London decorates for Christmas earlier than NYC.

Men fake orgasms, which is easiest to do with a condom on.

Someone lives in Hitler’s apartment in Munich, and people lay out roses there every year on his birthday.

You can get a wax in the house where William Blake used to live on South Molton Street in London.

Colbert restaurant in Sloane Square does a good cassoulet.

Hitler liked his niece Geli Raubal to pee on him.

Fortnum & Mason sells beautiful and delicious rose biscuits.

I should read The Fuhrer by Konrad Heiden to fill in that knowledge gap.

Prince Charles’s valet would give him a blow job with his morning coffee.

My first love experimented with heroin over the years, but never told me.

Gentleman shouldn’t wear light colored shoes in the evening.

I now am certain that guy faked, and it occurs to me I may not have been his first meal of the day.

The Dancing Satyr was found off the coast of Sicily in 1998 and is one of the most exciting bronze discoveries of recent years.

Anderson & Sheppard, the Savile Row tailors to Fred Astaire, Noël Coward, Gary Cooper, and the Prince of Wales has a brand new weekend-wear shop, with great woolens that women can wear in small sizes for an over-sized look.

James Field, a tailor at Anderson & Sheppard, tweets.

Cato and Atticus are fashionable U names for boys.

I should read Venice for Pleasure next week when I’m in Venice.

I should  go to Da Ivo next week when I’m in Venice.

Spironolactone is still magically solving my skin problems.

If you talk about sex, men think you’re a nympho.

Famous people are addicted to attention.

Rich people sometimes walk around with no money. And they ask you to lend them the tip for the coat check man.

5 Hertford Street, Robin Birley’s new club is filled with members of a super race. And it’s fun.

To describe an untidy place or a mess, the English say it’s “tip.”

The English are obsessed with pedophiles. And they say it pee-do-phile, which makes it sound even more disgusting.

Americans are obsessed with adulterers.

A Chimera is a mythical beast which is part lion, part serpent, and part goat. It also means a fanciful mental illusion or fabrication.

All the cool girls have sex with each other.

Paul Benney has a spooky show underneath Somerset House where the tombs of Catholic aristocrats are.

La Petite Maison is still my favorite restaurant.

A new literary magazine called the American Reader is being put out by the BPs (beautiful people) one of them being my brilliant yoga instructor, Sage Mehta.

Gertrude Stein translated thirty-two of Marshal Petain’s speeches.

What happens to Mitt Romney? He disappears. And maybe one of his sons runs.

Leather pants are now boring.

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