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Posted by on 11/16/12

Olympia Le Tan Love Story Clutch

Olympia Le-Tan, the daughter of one of my favorite illustrators, Pierre Le-Tan has a handbag line that is the prettiest and wittiest I’ve seen lately. And while I’m sure she deserves every penny of the $1,150, I also think these make a great DIY opportunity.

Olympia Le-Tan Book Bags


I’m going to attempt this when I have a bit more time on my hands. Shall we start a step by step? Feel free to fill in where I’ve missed one.

1. Choose your favorite book (or one with a great romantic title.)


Bonjour Tristesse

Dud Avocado

August is a Wicked Month

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

Marjorie Morningstar

Pale Fire


Technique of A Love Affair

2. Find a small, well-shaped cigar box on Ebay. (Especially exciting to buy them in lots.)

3. Now is the time to make some decisions: you could either copy the original book design, or create your own.

4. Call in some samples of wallpaper. (I’ll be getting some from the lovely Cecil Beaton collection.)

Cecil Beaton Wallpaper

5. Visit a fabric store, and get a collection of nice linens or canvas to wrap it in for the base color.

6. Find a nice clasp. (It’s important not to cheap out on this.) I’m going to visit my favorite antique jeweler Gray Davis and ask her.

7. Collect your felts on Etsy, and glue gun at an art supply store.

8. Now is the time to take it to someone who can make a neat stitch, (I feel confident I can handle the wallpaper and fabric glue job), or attempt it on your own. I love Annie’s & Co needlepoint shop in NYC. I’ve made a belt with their patient guidance before. I’m sure most cities have a place like this where you can buy the threads and get advice.

9. Outstanding question: What to do for the gold book binding effect?



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