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Lena Dunham’s new HBO comedy series “Girls,” is on the front page of the Times Art’s and Leisure section today. The four cast members discuss being girls, navigating their desires, and talking about sex.


One of the headers is “That’s What She Said.”

Dunham: “To me there’s this time in your life where you don’t even know what you want, and you don’t know how to want it. It’s much more abstract and wandering.”

“Half the time when I’m talking about something else I’m just trying to maneuver into a conversation about sex. Especially in your early 20s sex is a playground where you’re working out a lot of your insecurities and people are in some ways the most honest in those dynamics, but you also can’t reveal yourself to people.”

Kirke: Obviously, we are not making a documentary here, and even if we were, it would be hard to make it honest.

I’d like to point out that we ARE that documentary.

And we agree: Sex is the best story if you can tell it.

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